Matt F.W. Curran

Tout petit, Matt F.W. Curran a été nourri par ses parents avec un cocktail détonnant de romans fantastiques et de science-fiction.

Matt Curran


Pour Paper Planes

Bien inspiré par ce régime, il écrit son premier livre à 11 ans ! Aujourd’hui Matt Curran a deux casquettes : de jour il hante les bureaux du gouvernement britannique et de nuit, il imagine des romans fantastiques. Il vit avec sa femme et ses deux enfants à Sheffield, et a été frappé deux fois par la foudre…

Interview with Matt F.W. Curran

What attracts you to science fiction as a writer?

I find science fiction is enduring ‒ technology might eventually be dated, but the ideas and the story survive long in the imagination. I love that science fiction stories can be hopelessly optimistic, or very melancholic. I love that you can travel to the stars and explore unknown planets; or you can be miniaturised and injected into a person to explore what makes us who we are. Science fiction has resurrected dinosaurs, destroyed planets, folded space and found gods. There isn’t another genre that even comes close to that. If the world is a stage in terms of dramatic literature, then it is the universe and all of time that is science fiction’s stage. The opportunities to write within its borders are staggering. I love the freedom it offers.

Who are the authors, books or films that inspired you when you were young?

I was a child of the 70s/80s so I grew up with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. My church was the cinema, and they preached about far flung galaxies, good vs evil and above all, they were about wonder and good story-telling. Alongside the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, I discovered my own eclectic taste for SF movies such as Rollerball, Silent Running, Soylent Green, Flash Gordon and Fantastic Planet ‒ films that I could only watch on TV if I stayed up late (I remember pleading a lot to my parents!). It was my parents who influenced me most with books; I remember their shelves were packed with paperbacks by Michael Moorcock, Frank Herbert, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov and these were the books I picked up as a kid.

Which contemporary authors do you like?

As I’ve got older, my reading habits have changed. Ten years ago, I would have mentioned Clive Barker, Stephen King, Iain M Banks or James Lovegrove, but now I seem to speak more reverently about Markus Zusak, Steven Pressfield and Cormac McCarthy. I’m currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and it is a beautiful, enchanting story. I still go back to the former writers, though. Once a Clive Barker fan, always a Clive Barker fan.

How do you organise your working routine when you’re writing a story?

Discipline is everything. You might have the idea, but if you can’t will yourself to sit down each writing-day to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, your story will be left untold. I have an innate ability to discipline myself when it comes to writing (though with little else!). I’ll be at my desk by 8 am and will write through to 4 pm at the earliest. Today, for example, I’m still at the desk and it’s 6:25 pm. Even on bad days, I’m still chained to the desk – writing. I might write 8 hours worth of crap, but there’s bound to be something valuable in it, either a lesson learnt or something to be used later. When you’re writing, nothing is wasted.

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